Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm On A Boat

"Now who should I take?...Akiva...aaaandd...T-Pain"

Sometimes Andy Samberg really strikes gold with his Digital Short's on SNL. And the best part is...Now you can buy it on iTunes!! 19 tracks, and 8 videos for $11.99, I think it was worth it. Some of the tracks aren't so good (the ones without Andy), but it has things like D*** in A Box and Lazy Sunday, plus of course the above entitled track to "I'm on a Boat."


Amanda said...

Haha wow, that was hilarious!

T.J. Shelby said...

Love this one, loved the two you mentioned. I also really like "People Getting Punched" and "Like a Boss."

Does it have only Digital Shorts? I'm wondering if it has the skit with Justin Timberlake "Give It On Up to Homelessville." That was another of my favorites between the two.

Scott H. said...

It has the track for "Like a Boss," but not the music video..., and no real skits, just songs