Saturday, November 17, 2007

TAG! You're It!!

Well, Nicole tagged me, and my tag list will probably be poor since only Jodi and Nicole read this, but here we go

5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago: (I'd be 12)
1) Trying to survive my new experience in Junior high
2) Working...? HA!
3) Saving $ I was 12, probably legos
4) Playing every day of my life
5) Learning too much junk in School

5 Things on my To-Do List: (what? only 5? that's outrageous!)
1) Finish my current menagerie of Church books by Christmas to start studying Christ's life next year.
2) Working on Christmas presents
3) Clean the apartment (there just never seems to be time...)
4) Take home Accounting Test
5) Maintain sanity

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
1) Buy a simple home for my Amanda and me (and future kids).
2) Investments in stocks, bonds, IRA, Real Estate,
3) Savings: for all of our future (school; missions; weddings; etc)
4) Make large donations to the LDS Church's Humanitarian Aid, Perpetual Education, and temple building funds. (yep, definitely that one)
5) Keep things down to earth and simple

5 Things I Would Never Wear Again:
1) Some of those Neon clothes from the 80's, eek!
2) Baggy clothes
3) Sagged jeans

5 Favorite Toys: (i do like to play...)
1) Amanda
2) Books, books, books...
3) Nintendo Gamecube
4) laptop
5) Money (it's not real...haha!)

5 People to Tag:
1) Jodi
2) Nicole
3) Risa
4) Phillip
5) Kimberly


Nicole Shelby said...

good job my brotha'
funny and insightful...

hey - where are the answers to my questions for the gift for mom? I need yours and amanda's pronto!

dad already did it...and you know dad never does that kind of stuff.

Jodi Jean said...

wonderful ... im so proud of you bro. i love seeing how you are with your honey and i love it, you're a wonderful husband and you and amanda are so great with aidan (which i really appreciate) i love you. i hope you know that.

Nicole Shelby said...


Nicole Shelby said...