Monday, January 21, 2008

A Long Time Coming

Well, I know that it has been two months since I've posted so for those who keep checking back (ie. Nicole) I'm sorry for the delay. Life has changed in two months. I was really excited about the VITA thing that I posted on but it didn't come to fruition due to scheduling issues. This happened the weekend before school started up again so I had to change around my whole schedule last minute. Luckily, I had a great blessing that I was able to drop two of my previously scheduled classes and add 3 more classes. Now school has started and things are going great! though really busy. I go to school on Monday's from 12pm-10pm and on Wednesday's from 2pm-10pm (18 hours a week!! yikes!!) On top of that I am still working 26 hours a week and enjoying married life. I always try to make time for Amanda even though she often works late into the night and goes to school Monday/Wednesday mornings. So, that is what is going on currently in my life. I'll have to write next time about my recent career opportunities.


Nicole Shelby said...

busy man.
sorry that thing didn't work out.
always tough to spend time together...making the effort is, you always have an excuse on SUn when Mom cooks good food for you!
Love ya bud

Jodi Jean said...

i know you were excited about the VITA thing, but its all for the best. at least you had time to change your schedule around, its not your fault anyways, stupid lady who lied and was rude to you! sorry bud. glad everything else is going good. see you on sunday, survivor night, we need to finish b/c the new season starts feb 8th!!!