Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Interview With The Vampire, by Anne Rice

Interview With the Vampire Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

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What a great book. Anne Rice paints a world that you step into as you read Louis' "narrative" of his life. As Louis told his story I felt like some invisible companion to his life, so vivid was Rice's descriptive power through him. The only thing negative I have to say about this book is that the word "preternatural" is overused, but given the subject-matter of the book I let it slide. Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this read!

Here's a little excerpt of Louis' reflections on life that I enjoyed:

-"...brooding would have been to me the most terrible waste; but rather I looked around me at all the mortals that I knew and saw all life as precious, condemning all fruitless and passion and guilt that would let it slip through the fingers like sand.

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T.J. Shelby said...

Scott, will you quit reading those trashy novellas and read a real piece of vampire literature like the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer...haa haa.

Glad you loved keep reading the sequels!

Oh and my comics too...I'm moving soon and will probably need those back.

Nicole Shelby said...

it is excellent. i thoroughly enjoy that book. and i'm enjoying her others in the series as well.

so far: vampire lestat - excellent. blood and gold - excellent. queen of the damned - good.