Monday, January 12, 2009

Bond, James Bond

Casino Royale (James Bond) Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

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LOVED IT!! I have always been a James Bond fan and an avid reader, but for some reason I have never joined those two hobbies until now. Fleming's writing does not disappoint and it is easy to see why the movie franchise is so successful and lasting. Fleming is a brilliant writer and I loved every word used in this book. This isn't just aficionado bias either, if this was the first introduction to James Bond I ever had, I would still be hooked! He paints a beautiful literary picture for you that enables one you to really see the story he is telling you. Without further words to describe this event, let me show an excerpt of, what I consider to be, the most apt description of an explosion on paper...

"...Suddenly a few feet away the entire plate-glass window shivered into confetti. The blast of a terrific explosion, very near, hit them so that they were rocked back in their chairs. There was an instant of silence. Some objects pattered down on to the pavement outside. Bottles slowly toppled off the shelves behind the bar. Then there were screams and a stampede for the door."

then from another character's POV (Bond's incidentally): "Then with a blinding flash of white light there was the ear-splitting crack of a monstrous explosion and Bond, despite the protection of the tree-trunk, was slammed down to the pavement by a solid bolt of hot air which dented his cheeks and stomach as if they had been made of paper. He lay, gazing up at the sun, while the air (or so it seemed to him) went on twanging with the explosion as if someone had hit the bass register of a piano with a sledge hammer."

Beautiful language.

And it only took me two days...

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