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The Orc King, by R.A. Salvatore

The Orc King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions, Book 1) The Orc King by R.A. Salvatore

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Well even though I read this book only a year ago when it first came out, it is still an amazing book. Salvatore never ceases to amaze with his writing prowess. Both morally inspirational, and written beautifully, Salvatore writes with the same technique, speed, and skill that his character, Drizzt, fights with. Here are a few insights to both of those aspects of his writing.


- "Quit being afraid of who you are, of who you might dare to be, deep inside." (92)

- "...emotions cloud the rational, and many perspectives guide the full reality. To view current events as an historian is to account for all perspectives, even those of your enemy." (1)

- "That was all they could do in the end, really. Do their best, accept their mistakes, and go on to a better way." (64)

- "In an honest analysis, change is the basis of fear, the idea of something new, of some paradigm that is unfamiliar, that is beyond our experiences so completely that we cannot even truly predict where it will lead us." (81)

- "It is not just boredom that propels my steps along paths unknown, but a firm belief that the guiding principle of life must be a search not for what it is, but for what it could be..." (165)

- "The ideal is achieved only when the ideal is sought. The ideal is not a gift from the gods, but a promise from them." (165)

- "...he had used the battered and dazed orc king merely as a springboard to launch himself at his real quarry.

"Grguch twisted frantically to get his axe in line with the Dwarf's weapon, but Bruenor, too, turned as he flew, and his buckler, emblazoned with the foaming mug of Clan Battlehammer, crashed hard into Grguch's face, knocking him back.

"Grguch leaped up and came right back at Bruenor with a mighty chop, but Bruenor rushed ahead under the blow, butting his one-horned helmet into Grguch's belly and sweeping his axe up between the orc chieftain's legs. Grguch leaped, and Bruenor grabbed and leaped back and over with him, the pair flying away and tumbling down the hill. As they unwound, Grguch, caught with his back to the dwarf, rushed away and shoulder-rolled over the hill's lowest stone wall.

"Bruenor pursued furiously, springing atop the wall, then leaping from it, swooping down from on high with a mighty chop that sent the blocking Grguch staggering backward.

"The dwarf pressed, axe and shield, and it took Grguch many steps before he could begin to attain even footing with his newest enemy..." (325)

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