Sunday, June 8, 2008

Scholarship Night

Well just recently (as in June 6) we had a big night for me at school, but I'll start from the beginning. One day at work not too long ago I was sitting on my 15 min. break and the phone rang, so I answered and it was someone from CSUSB telling me I had won a scholarship! I had forgotten by this time that I had even applied for a scholarship. So anyways, they gave all the details and it was a great day (nothing like sitting watching People's Court, ugh, and getting a great pick me upper like that). Which brings us to Friday, the 6th, a few weeks later. We went to the dinner, and although it was three and a half hours long! I was awarded $950 for school!! Isn't that awesome? Plus we (meaning both Amanda and I) got a free dinner to boot. here is my picture with the scholarship letter that I was awarded at the ceremony.


Nicole Shelby said...

money for school is always good...and free food? excellent.
hopefully see you a little bit later at mom's house.
i'm coming up tonight...but only until tomorrow afternoon...for traci's funeral.

love ya.

Jodi Jean said...

CONGRATS!!!! little brother, that is awesome, $950 isn't anything to scoff at! GOOOOOO scottie!!

we missed ya on sunday, boy was that meatloaf good (haha, i know how much you LOVE it ...)

see ya on friday!!!