Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy randomness...inspired by Nicole

>My love Amanda
>books, comics (lent by TJ and Nicole), books, books, etc.
>my family
>pearls before swine
>my new couch
>my Wii (even though Amanda generally plays more than me)
>douns-a-nuts (or dough nuts, as they used to be called by Adam)
>conversations (usually via e-mail) with by brothers
>quiet reading at night when the upstairs kids aren't pounding around
>dinner with either set of parents
>watching survivor with the fam (even on the really long episodes, that take forever to finish)
>accounting (isn't that sick??)
>my friends at work
>dad's artwork (he sold two pieces from his senior show)
>teaching Elder's quorum (keeps me sharp)
>the Office (it's hilarious!!)
>cuddling with my wife
>mucho smoochos
>chocolate covered pretzels
>shooting guns with my father and brother-in-law
>hanging with my brother-in-law Cameron as he runs circles around me (literally) in Call of Duty 4
>watching movies
>southpark (guilty pleasure)
>visiting Amanda at work
>half off Chili's
>fantasy & science fiction
>James Bond movies...

well that about wraps it up, I was trying to think of what to post and really liked Nicole's happy randomness idea so I utilized it. Hope you enjoyed!


Jodi Jean said...

great list little brother!!

aLOT of those things make me happy as well.

>i LOVE amanda too, i'm so happy she's my sister!! i missed you both on sunday and i'm looking forward to seeing you this sunday!
>sorry about LONG survivor episodes ... thats generally aidan's fault!
>correction ... dad's sold 3 pieces
> mmmm james bond, you hooked me on those, whenever i'm scrolling through tv and i see one i HAVE to watch it ... even if its mostly already over. i've seen them all, and love them all!

Nicole Shelby said...


love thinking about the little sillinesses that make live worthwhile and enjoyable.

sure there's always world peace and the cure for cancer...but on a regular day? books and smooches will do the trick, eh?

April and Wes said...

hey guys just found your blog... i happy to see you are the writer here scott, as most of the time it is the wife. i have to pull teeth to geth wes to blog. :")

Heidi Maloy said...

eventually I will play along with the happy randomness but it's too late and too hard to think about all that when all i've done today is family dentist trip, and cleaning for my mother in law to come tomorrow... oh, the happy thoughts.