Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con, Preview Night

PREVIEW NIGHT, Wednesday July 22

So preview night is a big event on Wednesday night that you only get to go to if you have the pass for the entire Comic-Con event, which we did. So we got to go to preview night which is exactly what is sounds like. We watched two entire episodes of new TV shows coming out this fall and then we went down to the exhibition hall to check out where stuff is and what there was to see.

"Human Target" -- This is a new show coming out in January that is based on a DC comic book about a man who is contracted to find out who is trying to kill his clients. He literally does this by becoming the target himself or using the client as bait to draw out the hitman. It was a really cool show and we enjoyed episode 1. Come January it will be a show that Amanda and I will watch.

"V" -- Some have already heard about this show or seen the preview for it. It is a remake of an 80's TV show and the premise is that aliens show up (V is for "visitors") in the name of peace. They say that they are trying to get home and need water and minerals and are willing to share their technological advances as a trade mechanism to get them. Not everything is what it seems though and by the end of episode 1 you get a feel of where the lines are going to be drawn. Definitely a GREAT TV show and I will be tuning in weekly to catch the latest. The creator makes the viewer sincerely care about what's going to happen and you get caught up in the story as it progresses. Loved it!

After watching these previews they had episode 1 for a new TV show that's ripping off the Twilight series, naturally many people walked out before the episode started, including us. So we went down to the exhibition hall and checked out what would be going on throughout the week. We still missed some of the stuff that happened (like getting a free R.A. Salvatore book from TOR, sad) but all-in-all I'd say we did pretty well throughout the week and extremely enjoyed ourselves. Preview night is also when we got 3 free District-9 shirts.

Total counts of free stuff (throughout the week)
-T-shirts: 15!
-Books: 3 (Eragon/Eldest Omnibus; The Maze Runner [which doesn't come out until October, we have the entire book, thanks Random House]; and The Last Days of Krypton by Kevin J. Anderson)
-Radio show CD's: 9 total, the entire 6 seasons of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, which I have no idea what it is, but I plan on listening and enjoying the seasons so they got a new fan.
-TPB's (Trade Paperbacks): 2 (not very good ones, but hey, they were free)
-Comics: who the heck knows! we got so many free comics that I don't know how many.
-Posters: see answer for comics
-Tribble's: 2 (you know, the furry balls from the original Star Trek? We got some!)
-Hand Puppets: 2 (from Adult Swim, in the form of Snakes)
-Transformers Seat Cushions: 2
-Star Trek "Live Long & Prosper" foam fingers: 1

Anything else I remember will be added but that's the bulk of the free stuff.

More to come!!!


Nicole Shelby said...


TJ loves the old "V". A few years ago, He rented and shared all the old episodes with me.

I don't remember TJ getting that much free stuff!

Christopher Maloy said...

Sweet update.