Monday, February 2, 2009

January 2009, the New Year Begins

Well the New Year has started, and it's already 1/12th done!! This month was a fun one, heck, life is fun! But here are some photo recaps from the month.

JANUARY 16, 2009

My Disneyland pass expired on the 17th and we aren't going to renew them this year, so it was our last hurrah! Here are the pics...
This is me climbing a big Lego block, now I know how those little dude's feel...
We were trying to take a self-shot and a nice couple came and took this for us, Yay!

Amanda doesn't like this picture cause her eye is squinty, but I took this while riding The Matterhorn and she has the wind in her eyes so whatever.
What's wrong with this picture?
Enjoying Space Mountain!! We walked into the park and made a b-line (why is it called that by the way?) for this ride, LOVE IT! We went on this, then Matterhorn, and then we just walked around, perusing the shops and enjoying our time together. What a fun day.

JANUARY 26, 2009

This was the day when a crazy Thunder & Lightning/Hail storm hit our area at about 2am (yep, I'm out taking pictures at that time in that weather cause I love these kinds of things)
Getting ready to brave the stormHere's our parking lot...This is the other side of the cars in the above picture
This is behind my POV in the last pictureAnd to finish it up, this is what your sweater will look like if you go play in the hail at 2am in the morning. I thought it looked cool so I took a picture.

Well, it's been a good month and though times are crazy, I'm optimistic about the New Year! I hope everyone else's is going great too!


Christopher Maloy said...

You guys need kids. I can see a lil'Amanda and lil'Scott on that trip with you. Glad you had fun. Cheers.

Heidi Maloy said...

Looks like fun... enjoy being spontaneous, and doing things together before you have the kids, they'll come ;)

Jodi Jean said...

fun fun ... LOVE the picture of you with horns!