Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yummy Midnight Snack

So I was really hungry this evening and decided that I wanted a sandwich. So we went to the Grocery Store and spent way too much money, but I got my yummy sandwich:
So here is what is in my sandwich (in order of assembly):
-Sourdough Bread
-Mozzarella Cheese
-Smoked Turkey lunch meat
-Feta Cheese
-More lunch meat
-More Feta Cheese
-Salt (cause I forgot to put it on the Tomato, I added it on top last)
What a great snack!

Here's the sad part of the evening:
That is the second picture of the sandwich. My camera has been freaking out lately and this is what it does. How sad...oh well, I've had it for a little over four years, so it has definitely been a great camera.


Nicole Shelby said...


sourdough, tomato, and mozzarella! delicious!

sympathy about the camera...i hear you: mine was stolen, and i've been climbing the walls a bit since!

Christopher Maloy said...

if you need a new camera, i can recommend a great one! ;) yummy! Where's mine?? - Heidi

Jodi Jean said...

mmmmmm looks delicious ... now i'm hungry!

sorry about your camera!