Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday fun/ REI vs. Bass Pro Shop

This month, because of a different school schedule, I have Saturday's off, so this Sat. Amanda & I went out and had some fun. I went to Barnes & Nobel and picked up a collected work of Charles Dickens (5 books) and a copy of Peter Pan for Amanda. Then, I picked up Amanda from work and we went and walked through Bass Pro Shop and then REI. We decided that Bass Pro Shop is more like an Amusement Park whilst REI is more practical for any outdoorsy type (specifically I wanted to look at climbing equipment; i.e. climbing shoes, harness, rope, etc.), Bass Pro Shop had none of the above and was mostly clothes and fluff with big scenery. REI had everything I was looking for and it was easy to find. Plus, REI had everything in easy to find sections that were much smaller with more useful stuff.
Then we came home and had a three hour nap (Nice!!) and went to the grocery store so that Amanda could make some Amazing Nachos:
They are made with chips from a latin supermarket (Superior Grocery Store) that are Lemon Guajillo chips (important first ingredient; if not available, then normal chips with Tony's seasoning and lemon, or other spice will suffice), then some grilled chicken (on the handy George Forman Grill), refried beans on every chip, and topped off with Tillamook medium chedder cheese, olives and sour cream.
Then, after that refreshing meal, we set ourselves to cleaning the apartment and a little reorganization. Amanda worked on the kitchen and dining room, and I helped on the dining room and worked on the living room. After the cleaning, we changed up our dining room area in order to free up some space. The table used to be in the middle of the area shown and the bookcase was against the wall on the left (under the clock). This is the result. Whoo, what a day.Before (above) and After (Below)


Nicole Shelby said...

holy mackerel!

you two had one busy day!
the nachos look delicious. the apartment reorg looks great (i notice a prominent bookcase...way to give in amanda!)

tj is also a big ol' fan of REI. bass pro is fun to walk through. but for equipment not so much.

he and hannah are planning another hiking trip for this month sometime. thinking of bringing along adam!

Jodi Jean said...

holy crap ... not good to post pictures of something that delicious when a preggo person reads you blog ... now i'm craving those nachos and i have no chips, cheese or any of the other ingredients!! sheesh!

oh and the dining room re-org looks FABULOUS!!

Heidi Maloy said...

Fun, busy day--- yes, thanks a lot, now I'm craving Nachos... and worse Superior Chips (with no hope of getting any- ah, que, crapa!!) The reorg looks great- very smart of you youngins'

Christopher Maloy said...

I hate you for what you post. Food pictures that look that tasty should be ban from the blogs.

Jodi Jean said...

i tried making nachos ... not the same when you don't have those beloved chips!!

Jodi Jean said...

i'm STILL craving these freaking nachos!!!