Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, Friday the 25th was my birthday and here is a little photo journal of the events:
My newest Nephew: Caleb Derek ShelbyMy awesome present from Jodi, a print of a watercolor of
Boba Fett, best Star Wars Character everPresents, presents, presents...
The Cake!!!...

Getting ready....
Got 'em all...
Amanda got me Mario Kart
Some Mario Kart enjoymentA new CD from Cameron (Amanda's brother, my brother-in-law).
Flight of the Conchords rocks!!
(i.e. "She's hot like a Curry;" "binary solo: 0000001, 0000011,..." "did Steve tell you that...Steve;" "My name is the hiphopopotamus, my rhymes are bottomless............" etc.)
Anyways, my Birthday was awesome, thanks everyone who came to party, and for the company and gifts, and thanks work for the balloons and stuff. The cake was great and the homemade pizza was amazing. And the fun isn't over yet! Tomorrow Amanda and I are joining TJ and Chris for the last day of Comic-con in San Diego, whoo-hoo!!!!


April and Wes said...

"Stop touching those monkeys!"

I truly hope you have seen their television show from HBO, and if not, I hope you netflix it, because its "da bomb"!!!

Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed your mound of cake!

Jodi Jean said...


you are the best ... i hope you had a great one. i was really excited about the present because i knew you were gonna LOVE it!!

my second fave thing of the evening, hannah and adam putting the candles on your cake ... i LOVED how they only hit half of it ... because they couldn't reach the other side ... and i LOVED that you blew them all out ... even the one sticking straigh out of the side!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE ya! have fun at comicon!

p.s. "i wuv baby taweb! he's so toot!!"

for those who want to see a better picture of boba ... check it out:

Heidi Maloy said...

Hey Scott- I Suck!!! I only remembered to call you at inopportune moments... and then the later it got the more stupid I felt- i really didn't forget about you, just couldn't remember to call when it wasn't early or late, or kids screaming or whatever---- SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! I'm glad you had fun at ComicCon- Chris enjoyed seeing you of course... Happy LATE birthday- sorry, I'm a slacker! but I'm still "loving you lot's and lot's!" Hasta Bro...

Nicole Shelby said...

the candle sticking out of the side was not my kids. it was grandpa fiet. he took one out and stuck it there. and mom was upset because it dripped wax on the table! and yep you got em all.

it was good to share your event with you.