Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Couch

What up yo? Ok, anyways, Amanda and I have had a futon since we were married but of late it seems to be thinning in the pad so that when we sit on it wrong it makes our butts fall asleep! Definitely not a desirable attribute in living room furniture. So we were just thinking about getting a new pad, but Wickes furniture by the Ontario Mills was closing so Amanda went by with her mom and found a couch that we just love. Anyways, it followed us home and now resides in our living room. Below are the first moments of enjoyment.


Jodi Jean said...

looks good and comfy! hopefully this wont make your butts fall asleep!!! love ya

Nicole Shelby said...


a real couch...bought at a real furniture store! looks pretty comfy! better for snuggling.

i'm finally getting better, t was mostly well by yesterday. are you well?

how's life? how's work? how's being married? see ya soon!